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Dangerous Wind: a Carol Golden Novel
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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 05, Mark Fine rated it it was amazing. A thrilling global hunt by an alluring woman, suffering amnesia, forced into a mission to track down a former lover she can no longer recall! These are the riddles that make Dangerous Wind such an intriguing read. From the security of my chair I raced pell-mell alongside our heroine, across seven continents, in pursuit of a master mathematician--the alleged villain bent on destroying the Western financial system.

Reflecting true life, nothing is quite as black and white as first thought. And as A thrilling global hunt by an alluring woman, suffering amnesia, forced into a mission to track down a former lover she can no longer recall! And as author Alan Cook's intriguing story unfolds we witness allegiances change, and in the process motives of the principal characters become better defined; but he is also ringing a cautionary bell about the overreach of big government, the hazards to the world economy by "to big to fail" banking institutions, and the slippery slope spiral of restricted freedoms.

Hence, in the spirit of "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" Mr. Cook succeeds in informing us as he simultaneously so ably entertains us. Mar 07, Michael Hartnett rated it it was amazing. In Dangerous Wind by Alan Cook, investigator Carol Golden is kidnapped and ends up on a whirlwind journey that takes her across the seven continents and into some prickly, yet highly entertaining, predicaments.

Carol, who also goes by the names Cynthia and Iako, has quite the checkered past, further complicated by amnesia, a fierce independence and a low tolerance for nonsense. By t In Dangerous Wind by Alan Cook, investigator Carol Golden is kidnapped and ends up on a whirlwind journey that takes her across the seven continents and into some prickly, yet highly entertaining, predicaments.

By the way, the code-breaking scenes are terrific. Carol is thrown into many bewildering situations where she has to make judgments on old lovers, newly encountered spies, and even assassins. Simply put, Dangerous Wind is a tremendously enjoyable read. One of the great pleasures of this novel is the wonderful globetrotting, described in loving detail. The list of locales has numerous Grand Tour destinations and include many surprises as I read, I kept a running tally, but felt I would be spoiling some of the fun by revealing. What is so impressive about all of these plot movements is that they seem to be orchestrated not by Cook but by the charismatic, yet morally ambiguous, antihero of the novel, Eric Nordahl.

The layers of relationships give the novel gravity even as it drives toward a rousing and satisfying climax. The ancillary commentaries about financial institutions and governmental controls ground the novel. Dangerous Wind is a smart, entertaining read, and it receives my highest recommendation.

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Oct 11, Gloria Feit rated it it was amazing. Within the first few pages of this third in the Carol Golden novels, we are swept immediately into the world of terror into which the protagonist finds herself, as she is kidnapped and flown partway across the world from her hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her captors appear to be a could-be model and a sexual harasser. This Within the first few pages of this third in the Carol Golden novels, we are swept immediately into the world of terror into which the protagonist finds herself, as she is kidnapped and flown partway across the world from her hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

This is hardly the firs time Carol whose real name, Cynthia Sakai, she had only recently discovered had survived an attempt on her life. She had had most of her memory destroyed after being attacked and left, unconscious, in a dumpster nearly a year ago. Still recovering from amnesia, she has only recovered bits and pieces of the first twenty-five years of her life before the attack.

Her captors release her soon after they all arrive in London, when she becomes involved in their mission to track down a man with whom she was in a relationship when she was in college, in fact a professor who was even then considered a radical. To say the plot is international in scope would be a vast understatement, taking our protagonist as it does from England to Switzerland, Egypt, Tahiti, New Zealand and on and on, covering all seven continents. The brief descriptions of the world capitals and their most famous sites are beautifully done, I might add.

Be that as it may, it is a page-turner, and definitely recommended. May 19, Betty rated it it was amazing Shelves: conspiracy , financial-terrorism , government , undercover , thriller , series , mystery , worldwide-chase , carol-golden. Deceit, conspiracy, and a wild worldwide chase!

Alan Cook often combines a bona-fide murder mystery and adventure story with reality This book is no different, in fact as it delves into international financial institutions and governmental bailouts, I would say he has done a great deal of research on the subject. This is the 3rd book in the series If you have not been following the adventures of Carol Golden Deceit, conspiracy, and a wild worldwide chase! This is the 3rd book in the series If you have not been following the adventures of Carol Golden, she is still trying to recover memories she has forgotten having suffered amnesia.

Now, after a quick "abduction" while buying chocolates for her grandmother, she finds herself again facing the man who helped her regain what memories she has. Now she is about to go undercover with these two agents her abductors and now team-mates to locate, and possibly kill, a man she has been told was her lover in college. A man she has no recollection of. These poems just might inspire kids to memorize them! Lisle, Janet Taylor.

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Dangerous Wind

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "I highly recommend reading this intense, philosophical, and Dangerous Wind (Carol Golden Book 3) - Kindle edition by Alan Cook, Janelle Carbajal. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. In the third Carol Golden novel, Dangerous Wind, Carol is abducted from Start reading Dangerous Wind (Carol Golden Book 3) on your Kindle in under a.

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