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She was able to obtain pain medications from the emergency clinic and Mango started to show improvement almost immediately. Despite this, he remained largely listless and was unable to walk. One of his legs was extremely swollen and dangled from his hip. Mango came to the clinic with me the following day and x-rays were taken of his right hind limb.

He has multiple fractures which require surgery by a specialist to repair.

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We also x-rayed the rest of his body to ensure that there were no other injuries which would change his prognosis, even if the fractures could be repaired. Luckily, there were no other significant findings. The past three days have been spent caring for this young boy and searching for the means to provide him with the care he needs.

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Before she entered the Senate, before she made a name for herself in Consumer Protection, Elizabeth Warren was a professor at Harvard Law School specializing in bankrputcy, and as such an expert, was featured in an interview on Frontline in February talking about pensions. Team fundraiser. Herdsmen also incur losses when their livestock is attacked by the carnivores. I knew I wanted elements of faith, fast paced action, romance, and creatures from the spiritual realm. Preview — Saving Elizabeth by Amy Machelle. When it is unconscious, a collar is then fastened around its neck and it is left in their view until it wakes up two hours later.

Mostly, what he needs right now are around the clock pain management injections, and with this, we have been able to keep him relatively comfortable. Many people do not see pigs for who and what they are. Our meat-centric, commercialized world has portrayed these soulful animals as a commodity, and as being worth nothing more than the meat that grows on their bones.

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But it if you could spend one day with Mango, you would see what this creature is. This is a loving, soulful animal that has needs and emotions just like you and I.

He feels fear and pain and clearly finds comfort in the presence of the people he has come to trust. Our goal for Mango is to provide the medical and surgical care he needs in order to heal.

Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Chase For Tweet Telling Customers How To Save Money

This will be a place where he can roam freely, burrow in the soil and be amongst other farm and domestic animals, enjoying the care and respect of humans who understand the value of all creatures - large and small - regardless of what this earth has deemed to be their destiny. Any and all donations are welcomed and deeply appreciated. Any leftover funds will be donated to animal rescue sanctuaries.

And speaking of sanctuaries Mango is a commercial pig not a mini and will grow to be very large. He currently has a foster home, but will be looking for a loving forever home to live out the rest of his life in peace and piggyness.

Elizabeth Street Garden

We are searching for sanctuaries and hobby farms that might be interested in caring for him for his lifespan. If you or anyone you know could offer him a home, please contact us. Thank you for reading, and for any help you may be able to provide. Doctors told Nita in June she had only weeks to 2 months to live without chemo and radiation, and 18 mos - 2 yrs with chemo and radiation.

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She has begun the most aggressive treatment her body can withstand at her regional cancer center, a half hour away in McComb. This adjuvent therapy is not covered by insurance, and is incredibly expensive, but we believe the combination will significantly lengthen her life beyond the doctors 2 year prognosis. Nita is ready to kick this cancer's ass.

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We need your help. Please share wide and far and donate whatever you can. Let's help Nita stay on this planet for a long time to come!

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